Blood Donation Camp Organised at ICT-IOCB 


13 June’2019, Bhubaneswar: On the occasion of World Blood Donor Day, a blood donation camp was organized in Institute of Chemical Technology-IOC, Bhubaneswar on 13 June,2019 in collaboration with Rotary Club Bhubaneswar Heritage and Odisha Blood Bank,BMC. 30 voluntary donors came forward not only to donate 250 ml of blood but also to save three lives at a time. This life saving campaign was organized by the Institute and the Technological Association.

The event was inaugurated at 8.30 AM in the morning and donors were provided vital instructions regarding the donation process. A brief addressing was given by Mr. Bishnumohan Mohanty,the chairman of Royal College of Science and Technology. He highlighted the importance of blood donation and mentioned that each individual service counts towards a better world and this individual service starts from blood donation which can save numerous lives out there. Furthermore the meeting was succeeded by a speech from the secretary of the Rotary Club Bhubaneswar Heritage, Mr. B.K.Sahoo. He shared some pieces of important information regarding blood donation and its contribution in saving lives. The donors were requested to fill a form mentioning important health details and their eligibility to donate was confirmed by a free counselling session provided by the Odisha Blood Bank. After the counselling session they were provided with a blood bag and blood donation was successfully processed by doctors and staffs from the blood bank. There was total 7.5 litres of blood collected from the camp.

All the donors were provided with fruit juice and snacks after the camp. Then they were also provided with certificates of appreciation from the concerned blood bank authorities and a blood donation card from Rotary Club Bhubaneswar Heritage. All the donors were thanked by the institute to join this unpaid event and gifting their blood as a form of new life to the needy.