Vice-Chancellors Message


Professor Aniruddha B. Pandit

Sir J.C Bose Fellow, Govt of India

My dear present and future fellow stake holders of the Institute of Chemical Technology, I am very happy of having this opportunity to address you all.

Institute of Chemical Technology, as you all know is a pioneering Institute of our nation and I am very happy to know that you all are part of this legacy. The Institute has a rich history of producing capable, competent and socially aware engineers and entrepreneurs and we all are extremely proud of their contribution to the nation building.

Now, that I have been given the responsibility of heading and leading this institute, I have a fairly simple message to you all.

Take pride in the work you do and find fun and enjoyment in that work. Also, feel proud of the fact that each one of you, in your own small and big way are contributing to this exciting process of nation building. ICT is committed to evolving a sustainable eco-system for the generation of new ideas to find simple implementable solutions to the industrial, agricultural and in general societal problems. Pushing the frontiers of knowledge exploiting the principles in the field of chemical sciences is the path we all have willingly and consciously chosen. Let us all give our best and also let the better not be the enemy of the best. The field of chemical sciences, which originated from the field of industrial chemistry in the past, has spread its wings exploring emerging areas of bio-technology, nano sciences, materials engineering, health and medicinal sciences (drugs, artificial organs and biological processes), agricultural sciences and many more. We all should be very happy of the fact that ICT has always been a step ahead and has been a trend setter in many of these emerging areas of chemical sciences and we all should continue to do so, as that has been our legacy since our beginning in 1933.

The organic and extremely close linkages with the industry and the active participation and the involvement of our alumni has substantially contributed to this growth and also this direction of our efforts. The term chosen by our Alumni Association of Metamorphosis aptly describes our future direction and path. We should continue our efforts and address the issues of sustainability of our profession and knowledge and keep evolving and coming out even stronger. The role of innovation in this is very relevant and crucial. ICT has rightly chosen the focus on innovation; translating the fundamental and applied research carried out by its departments and centres in to sustainable process, products and services, which are beneficial to the man-kind in general.

Our two new campuses, ICT Marthwada, Jalna Campus and ICT-IOC Bhuvaneswar Campus have started with a clean slate and have explored innovation in education by adapting a revolutionary course structure for integrated M. Tech. programme. The students graduating from these campuses would have had significant industrial exposure and will be ready to contribute to the industry from day one. They all should feel extremely fortunate to be a part of this exciting new endeavour.

To sum-up, I can assure you, that once, you are a part of this Institute as a student admitted through our admission process or a faculty or a support staff, institute is committed to your well-fare and overall development and progress and will explore every possible way to keep you happy, so that you can continue to contribute to the development of this great Institute.

Aniruddha B. Pandit

Vice Chancellor, Institute of Chemical Technology