Name of the Instrument 

High Pressure Thin Layer Chromatography System

Make and Model of the Instrument 


Limit of detection 


Limit of quantification  


Instrument details 

CAMAG HPTLC System is equipped with LINOMAT5 for sample application on the plate with the help of nitrogen or compressed air through a high precision syringe. The system utilizes CAMAG chamber for separation using various mobile phases. The analytes on the plate can be readily derivatized in the derivatizer either by dipping or spraying. The system contains TLC-MS Interface 2 for rapid and contamination-free elution of TLC/HPTLC zones with direct transfer to a mass spectrometer. CAMAG visualizer equipped for the complete chromatogram visualization and imaging.

Sample requirement and sample preparation 


Proposed cost 


Contact person and email 

Dr. Sonal Ayakar (sr.ayakar@iocb.ictmumbai.edu.in)