NGC Chromatograph


Name of the Instrument 

NGC Chromatography System

Make and Model of the Instrument 

Biorad NGC Scout

Limit of detection 


Limit of quantification  


Instrument details  

An automated liquid chromatography system focused on biomolecule (proteins, peptides, nucleic acids etc.) purification at the research, process development, and laboratory-scale levels. The system is equipped with multi-wavelength (UV/Vis) detector with an integrated conductivity monitor and an optimal pH monitor for accuracy and reproducibility. It involves NGC Fraction collector (operating at 200 ml/min) for biomolecule discovery to small-batch production. The system involves real-time flow path display controlling buffer, samples and valve position for easy identification of system status. Comprehensive data analytical software enables fast and accurate data processing and comparison.

Sample requirement and sample preparation 


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Dr. Sonal Ayakar (