NMR [Compatibility Mode]



Name of the Instrument 

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer

Make and Model of the Instrument 


Limit of detection 


Limit of quantification 


Instrument details  

The Bruker AVANCE NEO NanoBay 400MHz NMR provides the routine applications benefit from faster and more reliable tuning and matching while method developers can take advantage of the accurate network analyzer functionality built in the NMR console for spin noise experiments or probe over-coupling.

AVANCE NEO employs gallium arsenide technology for all nuclei and fields that results 6-8% more sensitive than older version.

iProbe combine with widest tuning range which provides equal sensitive for proton as well as multi-nuclear range.

Sample case available in three variant- i) Regular, ii) Heated, iii) Cooled  

Regular- Sample store in ambient temperature.

Heated- With individual adjustable sample position, temperature upto 120°C

Cooled- Entire carousel cooled 4°C


Sample requirement and sample preparation 

(Will update soon)

Proposed cost 

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Contact person and email 

Dr. Rambabu Dandela (r.dandela@iocb.ictmumbai.edu.in)