SEM Tescan



Name of the Instrument 

Scanning Electron Microscope with EDS system

Make and Model of the Instrument 


Limit of detection 

2 nm

Limit of quantification 

Characterization of nanomaterials and thin-films (size, shape, crystal lattice)

Instrument details 

The VEGA3 is a high-performance analytical SEM capable of operating in both high-vacuum and low-vacuum modes. It has a LaB6 filament with best resolution of 2 nm at 30 kV in high-vacuum mode and 2.5 nm at 30 kV in low-vacuum mode. It has excellent SE and BSE imaging capabilities. This instrument is best suited to imaging and analysis of coated samples that are stable under the electron beam, e.g. rocks, minerals, ceramics, metals and alloys, but can also image uncoated samples in low-vacuum mode.

Sample requirement and sample preparation  

(will update soon)

Proposed cost 

Not decided yet

Contact person and email 

Dr. Saikat Bhaumik (