Surface Tensiometer


Name of the Instrument 

Surface tensiometer

Make and Model of the Instrument 

Kyowa Interface Science Co. Ltd. Model: DY-300

Limit of detection 

surface/interfacial tension: 1 to 1000mN/m

Limit of quantification 

Resolution: 0.01mN/m; Accuracy: 0.2 mM/m

Instrument details 

surface tension and interfacial tension are. Fully-automatic, multi-purpose, and easy to-use surface tensiometer for reliable measurements of surface and interfacial tension (measured by using Wilhelmy plate and du Noüy ring method), lamella length (by du Noüy ring method). Software controlled stage with speed ranging from 0.1 to 1.0mm/s

Sample requirement and sample preparation 

Sample can be Newtonian as well as Non-Newtonian fluid (paint, ink, additives for coating etc.)

Sample volume:

Proposed cost 

Not decided yet

Contact person and email 

Dr. Ayantika Sett (