Name of the Instrument 

Thermogravimetric Analysis-Mass Spectrometry

Make and Model of the Instrument 

TGA 55

Limit of detection 

 0.1% of value or 10 μg, whichever is greater

Limit of quantification  


Instrument details  

Balance Assembly 

The balance meter movement is a taut-band meter movement to which the balance arm is attached.

The balance arm is an assembly constructed of beryllium copper alloy attached to the meter movement.

The balance position sensor is comprised of an LED source and a pair of photodiodes on printed circuit boards that detect the null position of the meter movement.

Wire-Wound Furnace 

Resistance heater wound on alumina ceramic, which allows sample zone temperatures as high as 1,000°C with heating rates up to 100°C/min.

EGA Furnace 

Connects a spectrometer to the instrument so that the gases evolved by sample decomposition can be analyzed.


Automatically loads the pan at the touch of a button

5- Auto sampler 

Allows you to place multiple samples on the platform for automatic loading and run sequencing. Using the standard pan tray, up to 25 samples can be accommodated.

6- Hi-Res 

 Improved transition resolution

Faster scans

Enhanced signature analysis capability

Transition temperatures closer to isothermal values

Increased method programming versatility

7- Modulated TGA 

continuous determination of activation energy

verification of single kinetic mechanism

Verification of first-order kinetic model.

Sample requirement and sample preparation 

Minimum- Approx. 1 mg

Maximum- 1gm (Solid in powder form or liquid)

Proposed cost 

Rs 150/- per sample for Research students

Rs 500/- per sample for Consultancy

Rs 1000/-per sample for Industry

Contact person and email 

Dr. Ramakanta Naik (