Contact Angle Meter


Name of the Instrument 

Contact Angle Meter

Make and Model of the Instrument 

Kyowa Interface Science Co. Ltd. Model: DMe-211

Limit of detection 

contact angle: 0.1 to 180°

surface/interfacial tension: 0.1 to


Limit of quantification 

Resolution: contact angle: 0.1° surface/interfacial tension: 0.1mN/m

Accuracy: contact angle: 0.3° surface/interfacial tension: 0.3mN/m

Instrument details 

The system contains:

camera: 30fps at 640x480 pixels

focus: manual focus with fixed zoom field of view: 6.3x4.7mm

Measuring method: contact angle: sessile drop (static and dynamic) surface/interfacial tension: pendant drop (static and dynamic)

Analysis method: contact angle: θ/2, tangent, circle fitting, ellipse fitting surface/interfacial tension: Young Laplace method, ds/de method surface free energy: OwensWendt, Kaelble-Uy, Kitazaki-Hata, Wu, acid-base, Zisman

Manual droplet deposition

Sample requirement and sample preparation 

Minimum sample volume: 1 ml

Maximum sample surface area and height (WxDxH): 160x100x10mm


Proposed cost 

Not decided yet

Contact person and email 

Dr. Ayantika Sett (