Density Meter


Name of the Instrument 

Digital Density Meter

Make and Model of the Instrument 

Rudolph Research. Model: DDM 2910

Limit of detection 

Density range: 0 g/cm³ to 3 g/cm³ (32° F - 212° F )

Limit of quantification  

Resolution: Density: 0.0001 g/cm³ Temperature: 0.01 °C

Accuracy: Density: 0.0001 g/cm³ Temperature: 0.03°C

Instrument details  

Measurement technique: Mechanical Oscillating U-Tube Method

Measurement mode: Continuous, Single, Multiple

Wetted material: Borosilicate glass, Teflon (PTFE, ECTFE)

Measurement time: Typically 30 - 40 seconds after thermal equilibration

Sample requirement and sample preparation 

Minimum sample volume: 1 ml


Proposed cost 

Not decided yet

Contact person and email 

Dr. Ayantika Sett (